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Nairobi City County
eDevelopment Permit System

Fast & Easy

Submit Applications
Change of Use/Extension of Use
Planning permission for change of use and extension of use.
Get approval for subdivision and amalgamation.
Construction Permit
Faster approval of construction permit applications.
Extension of Lease/ Renewal
Get approval for extension of lease and renewal.

The Nairobi e-Development Permit System

The Construction Permit/administrative Planning system is a web based software application. The software is built to support the following functions: -
  • Self-registration into the system by architects, physical planners and structural engineers in order to permit them to access the system’s processes
  • Online (no necessary physical contact with NCC offices) submission of development applications for review and approval.
  • Online payment for the submitted applications
  • Monitoring of submitted development applications (applicants can log into the system and view the status of their submitted development proposals)
  • Notifies the applicants via SMS and email once the application process completes key milestones (notifications are also received when actions are pending for the applicant e.g. requests to make payment, comments communication)
  • Review and approval of development applications (officers of Urban can log into the system, view submitted development proposals, make comments and approve or electronically return them) to the applicant for amendments)
  • Issue development permits (after approval, the system generates the permit and allows the applicant to download it immediately and commence development)
  • Reporting on all activities related to the permitting process (the system has a comprehensive reporting facility that allows users to generate reports of key aspects of development approvals e.g. reports of all submissions received within a specified period, reports of all approvals within a specified period, report indicating proposals that have exceeded the pre-specified time threshold in circulation.
  • Profiling of ongoing constructions for inspection purposes (allows building inspectors to review ongoing constructions).
  • Capturing of inspection data using smart phones (allows building inspectors to visit sites and capture inspection data via mobile devices)
  • Support for the enforcement process (allows enforcement officers to record key information on the enforcement process e.g. ongoing court proceedings and their outcomes)
  • Archiving of data (archives all data submitted to or created using it, provides valuable resource to people seeking information on development related issues in the city)